Open Data Policy

Open Data Policy


Open data is one of the main directions and components of the Government of the United Arab Emirates, given the importance and effective role of the data as key inputs in the decision-making and sound policies of the United Arab Emirates. In order to facilitate the access of customers and various partners to government data and services in accordance with the requirements of the success of smart government. The Ministry's open data process aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Raising legal culture awareness through notarial and judicial data available for publication
  2. Facilitate the Publishing and allows access to data can be used by customers.
  3. Enhance transparency and accessibility of data to the users and partners.
  4. Contribute to building technical integration between the producer and the beneficiary of the data.
  5. Upgrading the presentation and dissemination of data to the level of aspirations of the objectives of smart government in the UAE.


The Ministry of Justice seeks to enhance the value of available data by making it available for use in accordance with publishing laws and taking into consideration the confidentiality of individual data within the UAE.

Open Data Management Framework

The Ministry has a variety of data based on administrative records that regulate the Ministry's work and services provided to customers or as a result of their survey, which are disseminated and published to the public according to the data and information system governed by data protection policy and security restrictions. The Ministry shall carry out regular updating in accordance with the mechanism adopted by the Ministry for this purpose.

Open Data Definition

Open data within this policy Means: Disseminating and Publishing the data available to the Ministry in accordance with its jurisdiction, judicial and notarial services provided to public, and allowing customers to reuse the data in accordance with the requirements to meet their needs, taking into consideration the legal procedures related to the limits and levels of dissemination of data applicable in the State.

Open Data Policy

This policy aims to clarify the policies for open data management on the website as follows:

Open data Scope

  1. Open Data Policy Guide
  2. Justice statistics
  3. Judicial statistics
  4. Internal Studies and Researches
  5. External studies and researches published in Al-Meezan magazine

Terms of use

The data published and made available through the Ministry's open data website are considered part of the ownership and public assets of the State. The use process is subject to the following general conditions:

  1. Refer to the Ministry's website as an official source of data, information and studies that are built on the Ministry's open data.
  2. These data are usable, reused and republished by any individual, corporate or government entity.
  3. When using this data, it should be noted that the sources from the ministry, in order to maintain the ownership of the data and the credibility of the Ministry as the official reference.
  4. The data user must not misrepresent the data, its source, or mislead others.
  5. The Ministry of Justice is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, special or exceptional, that may arise from the use, or inability to use, of such open data
  6. The Ministry shall not be held liable for any damages suffered by the User or any other person as a result of a breach of confidentiality regarding the information that the User has transferred from the Open Data Section and shall not compensate them.


In case of misuse of data, the user may be held liable in accordance with the regulations and rules in force in the UAE.