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The Interactive Experience Laboratory at the Ministry of Justice examines innovative visions of expert work before the courts

As part of the UAE Innovation Month (February 2018), Obaid Sultan Al Dhahiri Obaid Sultan Al Dhahiri, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice for Technical Affairs and International Cooperation, inaugurated the events of "Interactive Experience Laboratory" with the participation of a number of leaders and staff of the Ministry and experts accredited. The Interactive Experience Laboratory aims to enhance the innovative visions of the profession of expertise and the work of experts before the judiciary. For the first time, and it collected a group of experts from the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, the Ras Al Khaimah Chamber of Justice and the Registered Experts of the Ministry of Justice.

Obaid Sultan Al Dhahiri in the inauguration confirmed that the Ministry of Justice undertaken the great importance of developing the experience profession through continues looking to the future of such profession and to be in line with the latest technological means of the 4th industrial revolution through exposing chances to rise the efficiency and effectiveness and saving time, effort and cost with regard to all the procedures that are made by the experts before the judicial actors, and seeking for achieving the UAE 2021 Vision through its national agenda, the strategic and message of the Minister of Justice that aims at enforcing the cooperation with our strategic partners including the technical experts.

Al Dhahiri added that the Interactive Experience Laboratory came through the hard work of the minister to introduce initiatives and innovations that contribute to achieving our vision represented in leadership in achieving justice and its great message represented in committing to provide fair juridical system through effective legislation includes the rule of law, freedom and rights protection, providing distinct legal services, and to achieve one of our strategic goals represented in fostering a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment.

Al Dhahiri also praised the efforts and achievements of the experts' management during the past three years, and was calling on the importance of experience in the judicial process to work necessity within the framework of the partnership in the development of future studies to improve and develop the profession of expertise and to develop a plan or vision for predictable procedures and methodologies related to possible alternatives over the coming years.

The laboratory began with a presentation on digital innovations and their reflection on the profession of experience in the future `by Aisha Sulaiman Al Ali, Director of the Department of Experts at the Ministry of Justice. The engines of artificial intelligence will assess the level of risk in personal contracts and display them before signing contracts, perform corporate calculations in the light of adversarial data, and artificial intelligence will propose similar solutions to the judge's alleged lawsuit to help him take his decision.

Moreover, a Block Chain Technology was provided; a technology that is connected to the Internet which allows anyone connected to view transactions with complete
transparency. It gives any one, not only judges, access to and movement of assets and transactions, A smart interactive session was held through the application of the mentimeter on two main axes: the creation of solutions to the most important challenges of the profession of experience and an innovative vision of the profession of the future. The session ended up with 232 improvement and development ideas, and the lab concluded its events by holding a session naming "Interactive Seminars" under the direction of the expert engineer Aisha Sulaiman. The first seminar was chaired by Ibrahim Al Zaabi, Director of Experts Department in Ras Al Khaimah Judicial District, the second seminar headed by expert Hareb Al-Kuwaiti from Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, the third seminar headed by the expert Saaduddin head of technical inspection at the Ministry of Justice, and the fourth seminar headed by the expert Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim, The Inspector of the Ministry of Justice, and the fifth seminar headed by the forensic expert Dr. Mohammad Hijazi, and the sixth seminar headed by the expert statistician Ghada Lotfi Ali.