Our Strategy

Our Strategy

STRATEGIC PLAN 2023 - 2026

  • Vision

    A flexible judicial system that ensures justice for a safe society and a competitive economy

  • Mission

    Developing a judicial system that achieves justice through the provision of legislation that keeps pace with future aspirations and delivering advanced and innovative judicial services based on collaborative partnerships

We the UAE 2031’ vision

‘We the UAE 2031’ vision represents a national plan through which the UAE will continue its development path for the next 10 years, with focus on social, economic, investment and development aspects. The plan seeks to enhance the position of the UAE as a global partner and an attractive and influential economic hub.

The Ministry of Justice is linked to the national pillar: “Forward Ecosystem,” which is linked to the third pillar, which is: “The best in the rule of law and safeguarding human rights and dignity,” which is concerned with Preserving human rights and dignity through an advanced judicial and legislative system supported by the latest technology, serving society and meeting the needs of the future , which aims to achieve it through:

  1. Advanced and effective litigation system and settlement processes: Efficient judicial system that effectively safeguards human rights and dignity and strengthens the rule-of-law using the latest court systems, specialized judges, and legal procedures based on advanced digital systems.
  2. Preemptive legislation empowering both society and the economy: Flexible and advanced legislation that anticipates society’s and the nation's needs and prepares the nation for growth in key economic sectors within a modern legislative environment that keeps up with innovations and engages the private sector and the society.

Main Objectives

  1. Contribution to the preparation and development of flexible, proactive and competitive legislation and laws and provide legal support to federal and local government agencies.
  2. Enhancing the speed, efficiency and transparency of the specialized judicial system based on international best practices and modern technology to ensure law enforcement and achieve community confidence.
  3. Enhancing the speed, efficiency and transparency of the penal system based on modern technologies and future foresight to ensure the rule of law and the preservation of rights.
  4. Providing an efficient and effective regulatory environment for the federal judiciary, federal public prosecutions and legal professions

Strategic Objectives

  1. Developing advanced, specialized, diverse and proactive judicial and restorative systems that keep pace with changes.
  2. Developing advanced and specialized penal systems that support the achievement of justice.
  3. Developing electronic systems that support the acceleration of the legislative cycle to keep pace with technological and technical changes.
  4. Developing the most specialized and skilled national competencies in the advanced judiciary and legal professions

Enabler Objectives:

  1. 1- Attracting and empowering the best human talent, and providing efficient and effective institutional services and digital infrastructure
  2. 2- Promoting innovation practices based on flexibility, proactivity and readiness within the work system

Ministry values

  1. Quality of life
  2. Integrity and transparency
  3. Cooperation and integration
  4. Innovative and flexible
  5. Proactive