Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021

  • UAE VISION 2021

    The UAE is one of the best countries in the world by the golden jubilee of the federation formation.


    A model in the achievement of justice.


    To provide a justice judicial system through judicial , justice and creative services to improve pioneer legislation that ensures the role of law and the production of rights and liberties.


  1. To acknowledge the best legislations and laws that keep up international trends and internal changes as well as comply with the State customs and achieve the citizens’ needs and their future aspirations.
  2. To attract , train , encourage and keep the best human resources , especially the judicial ones that work within innovative environment to carry out laws and legislations.
  3. To submit legal and judicial services for all customers based on efficiency , performance and quality.
  4. To extend legal information for all categories of the society through many creative means of communication.
  5. To build local and international strategic partnership that contribute in judicial cooperation and experience exchange.


  1. Establish knowledge of innovation at the environment of institutional work.
  2. Ensure the submission of administrative services in accordance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency.
  3. Facilitating the customer’s mission to reach justice & support the partnership of the Ministry on local and international level and extend legal acknowledge.
  4. Build modern penal system that help to keep the security and personal rights.
  5. Support the specialized judiciary that based on knowledge and institutional distinction that ensure independence and improvement.
  6. Contribute in laws and legislations preparation that satisfy society needs and match changes & prospect the future.


  1. Competitiveness and Global Orientation
  2. Customer Happiness
  3. Integrity and Transparency
  4. Partnership and Unified Government Action
  5. Innovation and Excellence