Applications of monies of minors, incapacitated and absent persons

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Service Classification G2C
SubService Type Variation Service
Service Type Transactional
Pariorty Service Yes

Service Description

This service shall be provided upon submission of application by a guardian, attorney or trustee - on behalf of minor, client, incapacitated or absent person for the following purposes: _ Permission of sale to the minor, incapacitated or absent person: it represents the transaction of sale of property of minor (such as: property, car) for the purpose of obtaining an amount of money to spend on the minor in terms of housing, education, investment, etc... _ Transfer of amount to the minor, incapacitated or absent person: it represents the process ot transferring an amount from the court's trusts to the bank account of the minor under supervision of the guardian
  • Department Civil Status
  • Service Audience Individuals
  • Service Fees
    • 50درهم اماراتي
  • Service Duration

    _ Time required for provision of services:

    _ Time consumed by customer to obtain the service:


Service steps and procedures

• An electronic application is submitted through the Minors Affairs Department by (parent), (guardian), (trustee), (judicial attorney) or (the minor who completed eighteen years in presence of parent or guardian) and enclosing the documents required for the application procedures. 
• After auditing the application by the competent employee, Public Prosecution and Minors Department for opinion on the subject.                                    
• After receiving opinion from Public Prosecution and Minors Department the application shall be referred to the judge for settlement

Requirements and Documents

• Application for permit of sale or release    
• Copy of identity card (guardian and minor)    
• Passport copy (guardian and minor)                      
• Guardianship deed, power of attorney of deed of trust ship  
• Certificate of deceased's salary                          
• Determination of heritage 
• As the case may be: documents showing the reason of sale application 
• In case of car: estimation from cars showroom         
• In case of sale of house or land: estimation by the Municipal Council or Lands Department and estimation from real estate office