Representing the government agencies before the different degrees of litigation

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Service Classification G2G
SubService Type Variation Service
Service Type Seizural
Pariorty Service No

Service Description

Representation of government agencies before the courts of first instance in order to preserve the rights and property of the state
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    • 1وزارة العدل
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    Time required to provide the service:  15 Minutes

    The time taken by the customer to obtain the service: 20 Minutes

Service steps and procedures

Receipt of an official letter of application for representation before the judicial authorities supported by documents or notification of attendance before the court of first instance
Entering data in the state affairs management program including the date of the roses and the parties to the dispute and the administrative number of the case.
Preparing a file with the documents and presenting it to the director of the department. To the head of the concerned department
To view the file and to indicate the referral to the direct member (lawyer or consultant) entrusted with the file of the suit
Prepare the lawsuit and began the procedures and provide the secretariat with the data
Prepare a book including the case number and the date of the first hearing
Send the book to Requesting a report of the latest procedures of the case and then presenting it to the director of the administration for approval
Giving the report a issued number and sending it to the party
Informing the authority of the court and participating in the judgment
Attendance of the deliberation sessions of the case periodically
Review the report and then transfer it to the saccharitra

On the issue

Requirements and Documents

In case the government authority is a plaintiff
Request for initial action
Relevant documents (addresses, documents) in case the government agency is a defendant
Notification of attendance before the court of first instance