Important Notification

Registration of Legal Translator

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Service Classification G2C
SubService Type Variation Service
Service Type Transactional
Pariorty Service No

Service Description

This service allows to Register a legal translator, for the first time or after 90 days of prior registration's expiry date
  • Service Fees
    • 0قيد مترجم قانوني
  • Service Duration
    • Time required to provide the service:  20 Minutes
    • The time taken by the customer to obtain the service: 20 Minutes

Service steps and procedures

  • Submit an application for registering a legal translator on the Ministry's electronic portal
  • Upload the required documents on the service system
  • Submit the application and save the application number for follow-up purposes
  • Log in to the system to review the applications submitted
  •  Review the application submitted
  • Print the application in the form of a file
  • Communicate with the client to complete the documents Required
  • Extracting the identification document, a personal picture, a copy of the passport, and a copy of the identity of the application.
  • Uploading the documents extracted on the system of data and sending them to the security of the ministry.
  • Print a copy of the security approval of my data system and attach it to the application.
  • Approval of the application
  • Transfer of the application to the committee of the translators
  •  The first meeting of the committee of admission of the translators
  •  Determination of the test date for the applications approved by the committee
  •  Contact with the client and confirmation of the test date
  •  Attendance to the customer service center
  • Confirm the identity of the applicant and receive his personal belongings
  • Submit the test results to the head of the translators' section
  • Complete the required documentation and submit it to the customer service centre
  • Receive the documents and send them to the head of the translators' section for the reviewer
  • Request rejection of the application
  • Attach the test result with the request
  • Hold the second meeting of the committee to accept the translators
  •  Review the successful applications
  • Prepare the minutes of the decision of the committee
  • Implement the record
  • Contact the client to inform him of success and call him to complete his registration in the interpreter department
  •  Submit a personal photograph of the employee
  • To present the registration form for the translator and the office
  • Receive the registration card for the legal interpreter
  • Translation of the record to the members of the Commission for signature
  • Signature of the record

Requirements and Documents

  • Certificate of Experience (5 years for the expatriate)
  • Passport document
  • Copy of passport
  • Identity
  • Photocopy of residence (for expatriate only)
  • Personal photo (number 2)
  • Health certificate
  • Occupational error insurance (for non-government employee)
  • Certificate of good conduct and conduct