Application for Travel Ban

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Service Classification G2C
SubService Type Variation Service
Service Type Transactional
Pariorty Service No

Service Description

This service allows the applicant to request travel ban against his debtor litigant
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  • Department Judicial Inspection Department and Courts
  • Service Audience Individuals / companies and institutions
  • Service Fees
    • 2000الدعاوى المدنية / Civil cases
    • 100الاحوال الشخصية/ Personal cases
  • Service Duration

    The time taken by the customer to obtain the service: 2 working days

Service steps and procedures

  • Log in with UAE PASS / Create an account
  • Submitting the application electronically (electronic case filing system)
  •  Pay the fees through the electronic payment gateway
  •  Issuance of a number for the lawsuit, the announcement, and the first date before the court

Requirements and Documents

  • Request of travel ban
  • Identity of the applicant and other parties,
  •  Documents and documents supporting the application