Application for Passport and Residence Renewal

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Service Classification G2C
SubService Type Variation Service
Service Type Transactional
Pariorty Service No

Service Description

This service allows the client to apply to the Public Prosecution to approve the sending of his passport by the prosecution to renew the residence or renew the passport due to expiry.
  • Service Fees
    • 20AED
  • Service Duration

    Time required to provide the service:  15 Minutes

    The time taken by the customer to obtain the service: 20 Minutes

Service steps and procedures

Review the competent prosecution and refer to the inquiry unit to apply for renewal of passports or residence
Restriction of the application for renewal of passports or residence on the penal system
Fees are charged via e-Dirham
Ensure that all documents supporting the request are completed and that the client's personal data is taken in order to communicate with him
Direct the client to go to the Attorney General's office to approve the request
Refer to the Finance Department and Adlari to submit the application after approval by the Attorney General
Processing a letter to the consulate issuing the passport to request renewal of the passport
Submit the required documents to the financial department and go with the prosecutor to complete the renewal procedures

Requirements and Documents

Proof of identity of applicant (identity or passport)
Agency (if the application is complied with by a solicitor or agent)
Documents supporting the request