Deposit amount in favor of the complainant (plaintiff).

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Service Classification G2C
SubService Type Variation Service
Service Type Transactional
Pariorty Service No

Service Description

Request to Deposit amount in favor of the complainant (plaintiff).
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  • Service Fees
    • 20رسوم الخدمة
  • Service Duration

    Time required to provide the service:  15 Minutes

    The time taken by the customer to obtain the service: 20 Minutes

Service steps and procedures

1- Deposit request,authorized to be paid to the complainant (plaintiff).
2- Present request to the prosecutor in chargee.
3- Deposit the amount in the court treasury pending the case or in favor of the plaintiff.
4- Hand over to the applicant the original of deposit payment receipt .
5- issue cash voucher for the complainant to receive the amount,if it was deposited in his favor.
6- Attach the above and register in the case file.

Requirements and Documents

  •  A decided or pending case.
  •  The user to be registered in Public Prosecution system,