• Guardian: father or grandfather is correct
  • Guardianship: A type of legal prosecution that replaces the minor's administration from the legal effect to the latter.
  • Guardian: The person appointed by the Court to administer the minor's funds and affairs.
  • The chosen guardian: The person chosen by the father or the right grandfather to assume the financial mandate.
  • The guardian of the estate: The person chosen by the heirs or heirs from among them or from others or appointed by the judge or not agreed to take the actions stipulated in the law or assigned by the judge.
  • Minor: A person who has not attained the age of majority or has reached the age of incapacity or lost or confined to it is considered in the rule of the minor fetus and the insane and the blind and the missing and missing and absent.
  • Guardianship: A kind of legal prosecution in which the values ​​assigned by the court are entrusted to the person who is incarcerated, and to take care of his property and management.
  • Values: The person designated by the court to manage the property of the person who is imprisoned and his affairs because of the loss or decrease of eligibility.
  • Judicial Agent: The person appointed by the Court to manage the absentee or missing funds and their affairs due to loss or absence.
  • Authorized: A person authorized by the court to perform marriage contracts.
  • Medical examination: The medical certificate approved by the official authority which states that the couple are free from the diseases stipulated in the Personal Status Law.
  • Marriage permission: The consent of the judge in cases where the law requires his consent before the contract is made.
  • Marriage document : The document containing the marriage data from the register, which is signed by the judge and the competent employee according to the form prepared for that purpose.
  • Binder: The employee who edits the certificate and approves the document after the approval of the judge.
  • Application for proof of divorce: The electronic application submitted by the husband including the spouses' data, the date of the marriage contract, its place and the date of entry if the divorce after entry and the children, if found with the determination of the status of the divorce and its number and type.
  • Proof of Divorce: The document containing the divorce particulars, which is signed by the judge and the competent employee according to the form prepared for that purpose.
  • Committee: Committee of Experts Affairs, a committee formed by a decision of the Minister of Justice and the number of its members is not less than five in addition to two members of competence and the Commission is competent to:
    1. Registering the expert and renewing his registration in the schedule and canceling his registration from it.
    2. Consider complaints concerning the breach of the experts and their obligations and duties.
    3. Consideration of reports referred to it by experts from the competent department.
    4. Consideration of technical reports transmitted to it by experts from technical inspectors.
    5. To consider criminal and disciplinary cases and judgments issued in respect of the experts referred to it by the competent authorities.
  • Technical Committee: A technical committee formed by a decision of the Minister of Justice in one of the specializations listed in the table. The committee shall conduct a written and oral technical examination or one of the applicants for the documents.
  • Expertise in the table: Engineering experience, accounting experience, banking experience and experience in land, real estate and other specializations.
  • Profession: An artistic work carried out by persons upon the assignment of the judicial authorities to submit their technical or scientific report when necessary according to the specialization of each of them.
  • Table: Table of Experts in the Competent Department.
  • Expert: The natural person who practices the profession of experience and is bound by the schedule.
  • Oath of oath: The expert shall, following his registration with the table, swear by the following oath in the Chamber of the competent Court of Appeal: "I swear by Almighty God that I perform my profession strictly, faithfully and faithfully and in a manner that preserves its dignity and takes into consideration the origins and traditions of the profession.
  • Charter: a set of rules and regulations governing the work of the expert.
  • Technical Inspector: An employee who carries out audit and technical inspection tasks on the work of experts.