e-Participation Policy

e-Participation Policy

E-Participation and Social Media Policy

In order to achieve the vision and aspirations of the UAE government on "Customer Happiness" and believing in the importance of communicating with the public through various channels, the Ministry of Justice has launched its platforms in various social networking sites for E-participation to form an interactive communication tool with all segments of the public which contributes to the development and upgrading of the provision of ministry services.

This policy is based on the e-Participation Guidelines issued by the TRA - Smart Government Sector.

The E-participation aims to:

  • Raise awareness of laws and decisions
  • Introducing the E-services and Smart Services provided by the Ministry of Justice
  • Respond to customer inquiries and provide necessary support
  • Receive customer suggestions and complaints and respond quickly to their requirements
  • The use of electronic participation platforms to measure and survey the views of customers
  • Promoting and Marketing services, initiatives and projects of the Ministry of Justice
  • Participation of the public and groups concerned with the preparation of legislation and service packages

Public Code of Conduct

The Ministry of Justice expects users of its media to stay away from the following when participating in their social media accounts:

  • Comments that are contrary to public ethics.
  • Comments that affect the values ​​of equality or discriminate.
  • Use any language that contains insulting or abusing beliefs.
  • Comments supporting illegal activities.
  • Comments that violate any legal rights.

Policy Scope:

This policy covers E-participation in the following official Ministry of Justice accounts:

  • Contact Minister Via Ministry Website
  • Facebook (Ministry of Justice UAE)
  • Twitter (@MOJ_UAE)
  • YouTube (MOJUAE)
  • Instagram
  • شارك.امارات

Supervision Policy:

The Ministry of Justice welcomes your constructive comments and views. Your contribution will be appreciated and taken into consideration as one of the important references in the discussion of improvements and enhancements for our services. Despite that Ministry welcomes any free comments and input on this platform, it has the full right to hide any content that:

  • Represents a threat to security.
  • Includes inappropriate language.
  • Violates the privacy of others or offensive.
  • Violates local laws.
  • Indecent, obscene or defamatory.
  • Includes unwanted messages or promotes any trade.
  • May be interpreted as prejudiced or harmful to any section of the society on the basis of race, color, nationality, religion or status ... etc.
  • Includes collective or political discussions.
  • Contains a breach of intellectual property rights

Not complying with this policy can lead to blocking the participant.