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Minister's Message

Minister's Message


Justice, law and the judiciary are among the main pillars of our state since the time of its inspiring founder Sheikh/Zayed Al Nahyan-may God grant him rest inpeace-until now, the Judiciary has carried, since its existence, the secretariat of the judiciary to achieve justice, the judiciary and justice have become synonymous as there is no justice without justice and no justice without an efficient judiciary.

The existence of afair judicial authority is the basis for therule oflawand sovereignty, our wise leadership has given the judiciary all its attention and has been keen to preserve its independence and impartiality and to enhance the efficiency and excellence of the judiciary and its members.

Ministry of Justice is entrusted to supervisethe federal judiciary in the state and support the legal structure andlegislative environment, inorder to achieve thevision ofour wise leadership in achieving the top positions globally, especially in the rule of law indicatorand to strengthen our national gainsand achieving the goals of the UAE National Agenda 2017-2021.

For that purpose,the Ministry has adopted in its policies and initiatives to raise the effectiveness and efficiency of the judicial system according to global scientific indicators that facilitate judicial procedures, which reflects positively on the rule of law and competitiveness indicators,and to provide outstanding judicial services related to the justice facility and the development of legislation in accordance with the latest international systems and practices which commensurate with the nature of our state and its cultural and ethical heritage and raise the efficiency of judges and their aides and employees in the justice sector.

Based on the government's smart electronic transformation plan, and its international leadership in this field, which made it ranked among the top 20 countries in the international competitiveness indicator, the Ministry of Justice has taken into account the use of modern digital technology to legalize electronic litigation and facilitate access to justice and services for customers, and the development of technologies used in the justice sector, through its website.

The challenges are great,But hopes are greater and the wills are stronger,we are able to fulfill our hopes and activate our resolve towards legal and service upgrading ,and a successful judicial justice that we all look forward to.